What We Do

Innovation and Technology

Our plan is to greatly continue impacting on refugees and host community (Nationals) in all spheres of their lives especially through technology, climate change, innovation, entrepreneurship and protecting their rights as according to our five year strategic plan 2016- 2020. However this plan and strategies can only be achieved through establishing strong, mutual, productive, long lasting strategic partnerships with credible technical and funding organizations/agencies that have the same or similar priority areas of focus like OneYouth OneHeart initiative. We are looking forward to a great 2018 with new innovations, ideas, projections and prospects. I sincerely want to wish you all a great new year full of great accomplishments and achievements.

Community Empowerment

Throughout the year One Youth One Heart team has been engaging with refugee community leaders by involving itself in resolving their internal conflicts, training community based organizations, conducting sessions on capacity building in areas of community leadership, financial literacy and fundraising activities for refugee led organizations. Furthermore, One Youth One Heart team was involved in restructuring and realigning the Congolese refugee community by offering its technical and experimental support by hosting the independent electoral commission at the community hub for potential Congolese community leaders. Though meetings and partnerships the organization joined and stood with peers to advocate for the betterment of the refugee community as well in Uganda.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Putting Orphans and Vulnerable Refugee Learners First (POVR) Started as a response to support and enhance the education of orphans, vulnerable and refugee children, which is in the capacity of Oneyouth Oneheart and in line with the government development activities. The project is especially intended to address the problems of vulnerable children in Uganda, specifically, orphans and vulnerable refugee children living in Kampala, especially in terms of education needs and the establishment of a follow up programs such as a resource center due to displacement scourge in this division which has increased the number of refugee orphans and disadvantaged children and or worsening their condition of living. However, the major goal of this project is to help disadvantaged children get an opportunity to study for self-sustenance and educe the dependency syndrome in the community they live in.

Community Empowerment


The power of Young People Working for Common Interest


Oneyouth Oneheart is a continental movement of youth, working together to build resilience in communities. That means we tackle the inequality that keeps people poor. Together, we innovate, dream, inspire, change and bring hope to millions of refugees and host community youth. We  help people build better lives for themselves, and for others. We take on issues related to innovation, youth self representation, climate change and discrimination against women.

And we won’t stop until every young person in the developing countries can dream and see their dream come to life and enjoy life free from from poverty.

Join us. 



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