About Us

Few words about OneYouth OneHeart Initiative


OneYouth OneHeart is a youth-led initiative that was formed to bridge the gap between refugee youth and host community youth. It is a Ugandan’s Innovation initiative that begun in 2015 and gave birth to OneYouth OneHeart Initiative (OYOH) which comprises of youth from the refugee and host communities that work together jointly to finding innovative solutions to problems faced by refugee youth and their Ugandans counterparts. Currently, OYOH is member organization of Urban Refugee Working Group and Global Refugee Network. It has developed a good working relationship with Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), Windle Trust Uganda and UNHCR as well as other youth led organizations and companies.


Our Vision

One Youth One Heart nurtures a generation of youth that goes beyond. The

generation will go beyond any possible barriers, limits, themselves, frontiers, cultures,

nations, boundaries, dreams and imaginations.


Our Mission

One Youth One Heart initiative co-creates a platform where youth can dream

inspire and change.

Our objectives

Co-create a platform where:

Youth freely express their views, opinions, dreams and aspirations in order to

give them a voice;

Youth build knowledge and leadership skills in order to enhance their creative


Youth build partnership and become peace builders in order to bridge the

gaps and divide among youth;

Youth co-create an innovative space and activities and initiatives to jointly

solve their challenges.

Build partnership in order to create opportunities by, with and for the youth.

Lukendo Mbokani Jerry

Founder and Executive Director.

Destin Ndebo Rugreza

Program Director.

Innovation Director.

Our Team

Program Officer

Oversee the development of an organization’s programs. This includes staff development, project management, implementation and daily management of activities.

Finance and Admin

Oversees the financial activities and performs budget and payroll dealings, maintain distinct account such as discretionary and maintain accurate financial records.

Field officer

Responsible to identify the beneficiaries with counterparts involved in the project preparation, implementation and evaluation in accordance with the existing regulation.


Responsible in answering visitors’ inquiries about our work, directing visitors to their destinations, sorting and handing out mail, answering incoming calls and setting appointments.